The best place to rent your NFTs

Rent out your NFTs and earn rewards on Oasis, the ultimate platform for NFT rentals in gaming. Try out new assets without committing to a purchase or monetise your NFTs and maximise their value.

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Rent the most premium NFT across the best games.

Crypto Blades
Galaxy Fight Club
One stop shop

The best NFT and the best players at your fingertips. Rent in one click. (buy/sell - coming soon)

Frictionless experience

The Oasis platform makes it easy to lend, borrow, and play with NFTs, with no collateral or upfront payment required.


Your assets are securely and transparently stored on a smart contract, ensuring their safety at all times. Easily retrieve them to your wallet whenever you like.


Our platform offers automation through reporting, automated payment, and a performance management tool (coming soon) for a seamless user experience.

We connect games

Oasis for games

Leverage Oasis fully decentralised rental platform and onboard thousands of new gamers. Give your gamer community the chance to share NFTs between themselves, on their own terms and promote your game to millions of new potential gamers with Oasis media.

No integration required
100% free
Reach millions of gaming enthusiasts
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To Owners

Oasis for owners

Use the Oasis platform to rent out your NFTs to players and let your assets work for you. Your NFTs are securely stored on a smart contract and always remain your property. Easily retrieve them at any time with just one click.

Whitelist gamers you know/like
Operate securely on multiple games
Automate your reporting and payments
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To players

Oasis for players

Borrow the NFTs you like, complete quests and missions in your favourite games and get your rewards paid automatically !

No upfront payment required
Earn extra rewards
Biggest game catalogue
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Binance (BNB)
Avalanche (AVAX)
Ethereum (ETH)
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